About us

ABT Apartments was founded in 2004 in Hannover. The growing company offers apartments and private rooms in the city and the Hannover region.

With this online platform we offer our customers a wide range of accommodations to choose from. The ABT Apartments team is at your disposal.

ABT Apartments GmbH
Oppelner Weg 4
30519 – Hannover
Tel.: 49 (0) 511 89 88 293
Mail: info@abt-apartments.de


Dear Sir / Madam,

We like to make your stay in your accommodation as comfortable as possible. Please observe the following rules:

1- This is a not smoking apartment please smoke only outside the apartment. If there is a balcony please ask the landlord whether smoking is allowed there.
2- Please do not to enter the house with dirty shoes.
3- Please consider other residents and hold TV and radio on low volume. Avoid any noise after 20h.
4- Please leave the apartment as you have found it.
5- Arrival is possible from 14 to 18h, if no other agreements have been before. If the accommodation is available before the time, you can also obtain it previously. We try our possible best to satisfy your wishes.
6- Departure must be latest 11h, if no other agreements have been before. In case of deviations of arrival, please contact us immediately by e-mail or phone.
7- Remember to return the apartment keys before your departure.
8- Some accommodations are equipped with wireless Internet, which is freely available for you. Please visit only legitimate websites.

Thank you.

We wish a pleasant stay.

ABT Apartments - Team